Unlike most video games out there, StarCraft actually has professional players who compete in competitions and tournaments. The professional circuit is mainly in South Korea, but does have a presence around the world. The two major gaming channels in South Korea (yes that is really a thing) are the Ongamene Read More

Professional Players Regimen

Since we have established that there are plenty of pro gamers in StarCraft, something that makes StarCraft especially pretty interesting is the way the pro players are handled in South Korea. While you may be envisioning some guys playing StarCraft sitting at home, this is really not the case. They Read More

Females in gaming

While we are living in the 21st century, some practices we are maintaining are very much outdated. One of which that has personally affected me, and frankly still does, is the sexism that is running rampant in gaming communities. While it is a stereotype that gamer guys only game because Read More