What is StarCraft?

For anyone out there who has heard of StarCraft, but doesn’t know exactly what it is, this page is for you! Many of you may already know that StarCraft is a video game. It’s a military science fiction real-time strategy game. What does that mean? Let’s take it apart. Obviously Read More

What’s up with South Korea?

You know that StarCraft is incredibly popular in South Korea. Like it’s almost insane how popular it is. It’s practically at the level of being a national pastime.  But I think people are just forgetting what happened historically with StarCraft to make the popularity in South Korea make any sense. Read More

StarCraft and Expansion Sets

Prior to releasing StarCraft, Blizzard had already created this demo called Loomings, which was a three-mission campaign that was a prequel to the events of StarCraft. Loomings takes place on a Confederate colony that is overrun by the Zerg. Blizzard made the prequel available as a custom-map campaign, adding in Read More

Foreigners in StarCraft

This may be funny to some people, but in the gameplay of StarCraft, anyone who is not Korean is considered a “foreigner.” While video games usually seem to transcend race, culture, and language, StarCraft somehow does not. Even though it was developed by an American company, it is not considered Read More