FAQ on StarCraft

How do I use waypoints?

If you hold down the shift key while you give orders to your unit, it will queue up several commands at once. This can be operated with the right-click commands, but doesn’t work in harvesting. Holding the shift key and right-clicking on multiple units you can order specific things in a proper order. You can also use shift-right-click to operate hit-and-run raids on an enemy building, then shift-right-click on the location. Your unit will be able to destroy the enemy this way and then move away to your specified location.

What is twitch?

Twitch.tv is the most popular e-sports streaming site in the world. There are commentators providing the play by play for e-sport games. It actually has more viewership than most sports in the world.

What is BarCraft?

BarCraft refers to the net cafes that Koreans had originally used to master StarCraft as computers were too costly in Korea at the time that the game was initially launched.

What are e-sports?

E-sports are electronic sports. Instead of combatting in a physical setting as people do with regular sports, in e-sports all combat is taking place in a virtual world.

When was the most recent update of StarCraft?

It was actually very recently released and it was called Legacy of the Void.

What are the three races of StarCraft?

The three races featured in StarCraft are the Zerg, an aggressive alien insect race, the Terrans, which are earthlings, and the Protoss which are humanoid, but have telepathic abilities.

Do any women actually play StarCraft?

Yes. Women account for about 30% of StarCraft viewers globally. Though there are only a very few amount of professional gamers.

Are there expansions available?

The full expansion for the original StarCraft is Brood War, which brought new maps and cinematics as well as new campaigns. There is also Insurrection and Retribution, but they really aren’t as good or worth the time.

What is macro?

Macro is your economy, how many buildings you make, and your resource gathering rate.

What is micro?

This is controlling your combats individually in order to overtake your opponent very quickly. If you move them fast enough, you won’t sustain injuries.

What is StarCraft’s resolution?

StarCraft is running in a SVGA mode at 640×480 with 256 color. This actually enhances the game performance as well as the game appearance. If there were multiple resolutions, people with newer high-end systems would automatically have an advantage due to their screen resolution.

Is StarCraft like Warcraft?

The games have some similarities and of course are made by the same company. Warcraft is more amusing and funny. StarCraft is more like a community. The biggest difference has to do with the fact that you can control three different species in StarCraft as well as construct unique buildings.

What exactly is StarCraft?

StarCraft is a video game that was created by Blizzard that is set in a real-time strategy of a galactical conflict between three different species.