My Story

I got it to start StarCraft a few years ago, because the boyfriend that I’d had was really, really into it. And while that relationship may not have lasted, my relationship with StarCraft did. StarCraft has been a wonderful outlet for me from my busy workday. By day I might be a criminal trial lawyer,but by night I am waging war against the Zerg.

I don’t know about many other Americans, but I have honestly never thought much of what start StarCraft was prior to me starting to play it. I had no idea that it was practically an institution in South Korea. But once I started playing, I could understand why South Koreans really love the game and I found that I really liked the game too. Not only is it a nice escape from reality, sending yourself into a place that doesn’t exist dealing with characters that aren’t real, but you are working together with real living and breathing people who are all working toward a common effort or sometimes working against each other in a common effort. That kind of camaraderie doesn’t really exist in our Facebook Twitter social media world and it’s nice to be able to experience some kind of unification even if it is in a fictional place.


Contrary to what most people think, gaming is not just a hobby for recluses or people that don’t actually like to communicate physically with others. Gaming is really about releasing yourself from your daily life, including engaging your brain activity. I don’t stay home all day every day playing in our undies, drinking Red Bull, and eating Cheetos. I worked all day and when I come home at night,I need to have a place where I can forget all of the stressors of my workday. I go onto StarCraft when I need my virtual friends and we work on campaigns together almost like if you would meet somebody for a game of racquetball or basketball that we are working on online. And it may have some kind of taboo connotation with people thinking that it’s only for nerds, but as South Korea has proven to us, StarCraft is not like that.

StarCraft requires a lot of patience, deep thought, quick thinking, and combat skills as it is all military tactics. It is not something that anyone can just pick up in a day, but that is something that you develop overtime and it also refines your own personal quick thinking abilities.I really recommend StarCraft to anyone who needs that kind of break from reality. Sometimes life is just kind of monotonous or you need something that feels like it’s actually training your brain cells. Which is really weird to think of considering video game. The fact that people are actually professional gamers says a lot about what StarCraft is like.

It’s so much more than a game. It is a way to entertain yourself while training yourself to have more tactic ability and quick thinking skills.