Professional Players Regimen

Since we have established that there are plenty of pro gamers in StarCraft, something that makes StarCraft especially pretty interesting is the way the pro players are handled in South Korea. While you may be envisioning some guys playing StarCraft sitting at home, this is really not the case. They have an entire system of how they train and live and breathe StarCraft. Prepare yourself, this is about to sound a little crazy. But if you are serious about StarCraft and want to see if you can live by their regimen to improve your abilities.

Let me start by explaining though that South Korea views StarCraft like Americans view football. We have our teams we are passionate about, where their colors, watch the game with intense interest. Football players all stay together while they are training and traveling for games. So just keep that in mind as we proceed.



No it’s not a typo. I’m not referring to WPM (words per minute), I’m talking about actions per minute. This is referring to how many clicks of a mouse or keystrokes that someone makes within a minute. The very best players of StarCraft range from 200 to 400 APM. While one of the world’s best StarCraft coaches (yes that’s a thing) says there is no physical wayto make your hands move faster, practice, just like in typing, will increase your ability and accuracy.


While it may sound contrary to what most people view in video gamers, professional gaming teams in South Korea included weight training, swimming, and running as part of their team activities. They are serious about keeping their body healthy.

Mental Health

StarCraft is an actual battle of wits. The mental strength you need to compete in StarCraft can be intense. The pros in South Korea work toward clearing their minds before they begin any game and visualize their strategy before any match. This visualization will set them up for a strong start.


Training Centers

While this is not available to any of us “foreigners,” something that the pro gamers in South Korea use to stay on top of their game is training centers. The players all live together within the training facility and they practice playing StarCraft for 12-14 hours every day. They practice so much that people around the world would be somewhat horrified by it.


The pros in South Korea are known for watching their opponents’ previous games ahead of time. Before engaging with the competition, they will study their moves and tendenciesand get a flow for their game plan. This analysis will give the pros a strategy to employ well before they even begin the game. It is common that players will fall into routines and professionals can use those routines to an advantage.


Before wondering how South Koreans are so good at playing StarCraft, keep in mind that StarCraft is actually the job for some people. They live and breathe StarCraft. It effects every facet of their lives. That level of commitment simply isn’t welcome or available in other parts of the world. While there are pro gaming leagues here in the United States, we are not committed to video games. We consider them a pastime only and stop it there. It is even a common thought that video games rot the brain, especially in children. But in South Korea, it is more common to think that StarCraft can only build on your resume, improving your computer skills, problem solving, and, if you’re good enough, provide a job for you. So if you are serious about StarCraft, you may need to move to South Korea.

StarCraft requires a lot of patience, deep thought, quick thinking, and combat skills as it is all military tactics. It is not something that anyone can just pick up in a day, but that is something that you develop overtime and it also refines your own personal quick thinking abilities