What is StarCraft?

For anyone out there who has heard of StarCraft, but doesn’t know exactly what it is, this page is for you!

Many of you may already know that StarCraft is a video game. It’s a military science fiction real-time strategy game. What does that mean? Let’s take it apart. Obviously military has to do with combat. Science fiction is referring to the fact the game takes place in the future, set in space and fights against alien enemies. Real-time means you are controlling your movements within the game as they are happening. Real-time strategy means you can look around you and see what else is happening during the game. If you are playing live with other gamers elsewhere, you will have the ability to base your actions off of what they are doing. Pretty cool, right?


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A Little History

Let’s take a look back and see how StarCraft came into fruition. The game was created by Blizzard, a well-known American video game developer based in California. Another famous gave that came from Blizzard is Warcraft. Actually, the concept behind StarCraft came to light after Blizzard released Warcraft II in 1995. StarCraft was initially unveiled in 1996, but was not well-received because of the comparison to Warcraft, but after some tweaking, it was released the following year and received with a much more positive response.


StarCraft is set during the 25th century and revolves around three separate species all fighting over who has control over the Milky Way Galaxy, known in the game as Koprulu Sector. The species include the Terrans, which are humans who were exiled from Earth, the Zerg, which are insect-like aliens aiming for genetic perfection, and finally the Protoss, which are humanoids with advanced technology and psychic powers. The Terrans are in space just attempting to adapt and surviving to their new living conditions, while the Protoss are trying to save their civilization from the Zerg.

The Terrans were exiled from Earth due to an overpopulation crises in the 24th century. The group is mostly comprised of criminals and genetic mutants, or anyone seen as undesirable to remain on the planet. In their exile, the group was trying to colonize a nearby solar system, but failed and wound up in the conflict-ridden Koprulu Sector. Unbeknownst to the colonists, they gradually become overrun by the Zerg while being attacked by the Protoss, creating a lot of war and turmoil.


The game is presented as if it were an instruction manual, providing briefings for missions as well as conversations while the missions are taking place. There are also cinematic cut scenes at important junctions within the game. The story of the game is broken into three parts, one for each race. Players have the option to play any of the three races within the game and will play against other players within the other species.

South Korea

For people who don’t have much experience with StarCraft yet, you may be unaware of the effect StarCraft has had on the country of South Korea. While it may sound unusual, it is very much true. Between 1998 and 2008, StarCraft sold over 9.5 million copies of their games, of which 4.5 million were sold in South Korea alone. That’s right, in the entire world, South Korea accounted for nearly half of all sales of StarCraft. Somewhere around 2002, gamers within South Korea took StarCraft to the next level. Suddenly there were professional gamers who were organized into teams. South Korean companies would sponsor these players who would then engage in national tournaments against each other.

While obviously not everyone in the entire country plays StarCraft, its popularity is still incredibly noteworthy. The game is assumed to have caught on in South Korea due to the culture’s desire to test their quick thinking abilities and response times. As schools and testing is taken very seriously in South Korea, StarCraft provides both a creative outlet as well as a tool to fine tune their quick response ability.

StarCraft requires a lot of patience, deep thought, quick thinking, and combat skills as it is all military tactics. It is not something that anyone can just pick up in a day, but that is something that you develop overtime and it also refines your own personal quick thinking abilities